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John Alexander Paterson (thedesertboy) on Gab

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John Alexander Paterson (thedesertboy) on Gab
@Andy114‍ @deanberryministry‍ @TruthWillOut‍ @theunhivedmind‍ @SharedBelief‍ @HitlerWasRight‍ @friaroffash‍ @PutativePathogen‍ @patcondell‍ @NickGriffin‍ @SNAFU‍ @Mike_Oxbigg‍ @Whiteknight1488‍ @American_Girl1622‍ @Wordsmith1976‍ @WEXTHEXPE0PLE‍ @wishgranter14‍ @Infidellegion‍ @desertgem‍ @donnaoffice‍ @dutchpirate‍ LETTER TO EX UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom WHO I MET 5 NOVEMBER AT THE BBC Video: Center hit in US attack produced cancer drugs John paterson;Phillip Inman (;;;Foxfield Management (;; Godfrey, You do understand that one day soon. ALL politicians and Newsmen I reported Theresa May to will be held accountable. ESPECIALLY THE BBC WE WILL CLOSE-DOWN THE BBC and you can bet on it! ;) Western powers claim their missile attacks struck at the heart of Syria's...
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